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General knowledge for Science-medical-nursing students

 General Secretary for medical, nursing and science students 

Medical students exam Preparetion, nursing students Exam Preparetion, science students exam Preparetion 

General knowledge 

Which is the outermost planet in the solar system. 


Sever defiency of vitamin D Results in -----

Ans: Rickets

Milk contains water----


The SI unit of Charge is ----

Ans: coulomb

Deficiency of vitamin A results in----

Ans:Night blindness. 

The lifespan of bad blood cells is 120 days.

The density of water is 1g/cm3

Radioactivity is discovered by Bacquerel

A Device which converts chemical energy into  electrical energy is called battery.

What is sun?

Ans: Sun is a star

The gas used in a refrigerators to cool water is----?


The most abundant element in the universe is ---


The abundant element in the earth's crust is -----


 Each day human body breath in ------litrers of air?


The SI unit of Pressure? 


The most densest substance on the earth is ----

Ans: Osmium 

A camera uses a convex lens to form an image

When white light is passed through a prism it splits into 7 Colours

Instrument used for measuring very high temperature is pyrometer. 

Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

The fluid part of blood is known as plasma.

X-ray were discovered by roentgen

During winter in cold countries the salt is mixed to melt the ice on the icy roads.

In a very low temperature Which from the following will freeze at last?

Ans: Sea

The nearest plant to the earth is Venus.

Which plant moves round the sun at highest speed is

Ans: Mercury 

What is the meaning of GPS

Ans: Global Positioning system. 

Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the ----

Ans: Loss of electrons

Urine is Produced in 

Ans: Kidney

Blood is cleaned by ----


The position of an element in the periodic table is determined by It's  proton number.

The planet which is easily visible from earth is -----

Ana: Venus 

The great spot  is on the planet---

Ans: Jupiter 

One light year =?

Ans: 9.6×10^12 Kim

The plant visible to us without using a telescope are

Ans: 05

According to big bang theory the universe began about 10-20 billion years ago.

Biosensor is used to measure Blood Glucose level.

What is dry ice?

Ans: Solid Carbon Dioxide. 

What are the primary colour? 

Ans: Red, yellow, blue

Digestion of food is completed in the ---

Ans: Intestine 

Carrot is good source of Vitamin -----

Ans: Vitamin-A

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