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One word substitute 

1.A Person who writes Dictionary-Lexicographer


2.A Child Born After its Father-Posthumous


3.A Child not born of legal parents-illegitimate


4. A disease which spreads by contact-contagious


5.A Doctor who treats pregnant and helps child birth-obstetrician


6.A formal composition or speech expressing high praise of somebody-eulogy


7. A government by the nobles- aristocracy


8. A Government of officials- bureaucracy


9.A Hose or shelter of a dog – Kennel


10.A husband who follows dictates of his wife-henpecked


11.A  language difficult to understand-Jargon


12. A list of books-catalogue


13.List Of Special technical words with definition- glossary


14. A man who is neither intelligent nor dull-mediocre


15. A paper written by hand-manuscript


16.A person died for noble cause


17. A person in charge of a museum- curator


18. A person Speaking many languages-polyglot


19.A person that sells a particular product- vendor


20 A person Unable to pay debts- bankrupt/insolvent


21.A person unable to write- illiterate


22. A person who always doubts- sceptic/skeptic


23. A person who carries burden for hire-porter


24. A person who curves on stones-sculptor

25. A person who collect stamps-philatelist


26.A person who deals in cattle- drover

27. A person who devotes his life to the welfare of other-altruist


28.A person who eats excessive -glutton

29.A person who foretells events-prophet

30.A person who is sexual organs-eunuch


31.A person who lends money at a very high rate of interest-usurer

32. A person who lives on the earning of others- parasite

33.A person who looks to bright side of life-optimist

34.A person who looks to the dark side of life-pessimist

35.A person who mends shoes- cobbler

36. A person who remains indifferent to the pain or pleasure-stoic

37.A person rides the horses in races- jockey

38.A person who skilled many languages-linguist

39. A person who studies ancient things and relics-archaeologist

40. A person who studies scientific development of language-philologist.

41.A place for keeping airplanes-hanger

42.A place for production and treatment of milk-dairy

43.A place for production of bread- bakery

44.A place where a bird sits- perch

45. A place where bees are kept-apiary

46. A place where birds are kept-aviary

47.A place where fish eggs are hatched-hatchery

48.A place where fishes are kept-aquarium


50.A place where fruits are grown-orchard

51.A place where money is coined-mint

52.A shelter for cows-cow shelter

53.A sound which can not be heard-inaudible.


A Specialist in eye diseases is called-ophthalmologist

A Speech delivered for the first time in the assembly-maiden speech

A speech full of too many words is-A verbose speech

A speech made without previous preparation-extempore

A state where all religions are respected-secular

A women who is unmarried – spinster

A writing written by a writer about his own life-An Autobiography

An Inheritance from father-patrimony

Animals living in both water and land-amphibious

Animal living in flocks-gregarious

Carriage for sick people-ambulance

Decision that can not be taken back-irrevocable

Excessive patriotism-chauvinism

Many island makeup-an archipelago

Medical examination OF a dead body-autopsy

Not bearing the name of a writer - anonymous

One leaving his native country to settle in another-emigrant

One settle in a country from leaving his own country-immigrant

One trying to do good to mankind-philanthropist

One who is all powerful – Almighty

One who eats human flesh- cannibal/carnivorous

One who foretells things by the stars-astrologer

One who hates mankind-Misanthropist

One who is present everywhere- omnipresent

One who is specialist in heart and its diseases- cardiologist

One who journeys to a holy place-Pilgrim

One who studies heavenly bodies- astronomer

One who walks in sleep- somnambulist

One with unlimited power-autocrat

Practicing several marriages- polygamy

Rising From the dead- resurrection

Study of medicine for children and their diseases-pediatrics

Study of weather-meteorology

The act of literary theft- plagiarism

The dead body of an animal=carcass

The house of an Eskino – Igloo

The killing of a whole race- genocide

The life account of a person biography

The people who carry a coffin at a funeral are called-pallbearers

The practice of keeping many husbands at the same time-polyandry

The study of birds ornithology

The Study of earthquakes seismology

The study kidneys and their disease-nephrology

The study of origin and history of the universe- cosmology

The study of rocks- petrology

The study of science of insect-entomology

The study of teaching –pedagogy

The study of the ancient civilization-archeaololgy

The study of the cells-cytology

The underground dwelling place of an animal-Burrow

Time After twilight and before night-Dusk

To walk aimlessly-wander