Terms of Literature for bcs and bpsc exam Preparetion 

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English literature types

What is Aphorism?

Ans: A Short phrase that says something true or wise.


What is ballad ?

Ans: A kind of Short narrative poem.


What is Blank verse?

Ans: Having No rhymes end.


What is Blue print?

Ans: Final Documents having received finished touches.


What is canto?

Ans: A subdivision of an epic or narrative poem.


What is caricature?

Ans: ridiculous or exaggerated style ,parody.


What catastrophe?

Ans: The Tragic End of dramatic events.


What is comic papers?

Ans: Humorous stories.


What is Dirge?

Ans: A song Expressing grief, lamentation and mourning.


What is Elegy?

Ans: Song Of Lamentation.


What is EPIC ?

Ans: A long Poem.


What is Epilogue?

Ans: A Poem or speech at the end of a play.


What is Epitaph ?

Ans: Words that are said about dead person.


What is eulogy?

Ans: Speech or writing in praise of a person.


What is euphemism?

Ans: Inoffensive expression.

What is fairy tale ?

Ans: Folk Literature.


What Is fantasy?

Ans: An imaginary Story.


What Is Fantasy?

Ans: An Imaginary Story.


What Is genre?

Ans: classification of Literature such As drama ,Novel, poem , Short story.


What is hymn?

Ans: song In praise of God.


What is hyperbole?

Ans: Exaggerated statement.



What is Idyll?

Ans: A short poem describing simple ,rural and pastoral scenes.


What is Irony?

Ans: the deliberate use of words whose literal meaning is opposite of the meaning the speaker or writer intends.


What is jargon?

Ans: A mixture of the of two or more language .


What is lampoon?

Ans: A piece of Satire  against a person.


What is limerick?

Ans: A kind of short narrative poem.


What is lyric?

Ans: A poem that could be sung.


What is Machiavellian character?

Ans: A selfish person with violent character.


What is melodrama?

Ans: violent and sensational themes.


What is metaphor?

Ans: A word or phrase used to describe in a way that is different from its normal use.


What is neology?

Ans: Bringing into use of new words.


What is ode?

Ans: a lyric poem, often in the form of an address.


What is opera?

Ans: A musical Drama.


What is Parody?

Ans: Imitation of a poem or writing.


What is penny bloods?

Ans: tales of blood curdling adventures?


What is penny dreadful

Ans: blood and thunder tales.


What is plagiarism?

Ans: Act of stealing from the writings of others.


What is poet laureate?

Ans: court poet of England.


What is prologue?

Ans: introduction of a play or literacy of work


What is Protagonist?

Ans: the leading character in a play/ \novel.


What is Rhetoric?

Ans: the art of persuasive  impressive speaking or writing.


What is Rhyme?

Ans: short poem in same sound.


What is satire?

Ans: The literary art that uses honour and wit to attack and expose human folly and weakness.


What is setting?

Ans: elements of time place and actor.


What is simile?

Ans:  similarity between two things is directly expressed.


What is sonnet?

Ans: a poem of fourteen lines.


What is thrillers?

 Ans: sensational stories.


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