Scientific explanation Of Quran Pdf file download

 Scientific Tafsir of Quran pdf file 

Quran is not a science books but it has scientific explanation.  

Here Mr. Zakaria Kamal explained the verses of the Holy Quran by help of modern science. He proved the scientific basis of the Quran.  You will find many interpretations or verses of the Holy Qur'an in the world. But you may not find the scientific explanation of the entire Qur'an. The three volumes of the scientific explanation written by Mr. Zakaria Kamal are presented for you.

What you will get from " scientific tafsir"

Scientific Quran

Tafsirul Quran 

What is God?

How created the Universe? 

Where is Heaven? 

What is Quran? 

Scientific Verses  of the Quran 

All Surah anf Verses Explanation 

PDF File Of Scientific Tafsir 

PDF file of Scientific Quran 

Download Tafsir 

Scientific Quran part One

Scientific Quran Part Two

Scientific Quran part three

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