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Asst enforcement Coordinator question 2021-BREB

 Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board Questioned solution

Post name: asst enforcement coordinator 

BREB Job Solution 

কোনটা সঠিক বানান?

উত্তর: সমীচীন 

ছন্দের জাদুকর কোন কবি?

উত্তর: সত্যেন্দ্রনাথ দত্ত।

সর্বাঙ্গীন এর প্রকৃতি-প্রত্যয় কি হবে?

উত্তর: সর্বাঙ্গ-ঈন

সূর্য শব্দের সমার্থক কী?

উত্তর: অর্ক

শেষের কবিতা কোন ধরনের রচনা?

উত্তর: উপন্যাস 

অরন্যে রোদন অর্থ কি? 

উত্তর: নিস্ফল আবেদন 

বাবা শব্দটি কোন ভাষা থেকে এসেছে? 

উত্তর: তুর্কী 

শব্দের মূলকে কি বলে?

উত্তর: প্রকৃতি 

(If x-y= 5 andxy=6  than x+y=)?

Ans: +/- 7

How many prime number are there from 1 to 10

Ans: 4

The solution of equation x-y= 2 and x+y= 4 is 

Ans: 3 and 1

What is the 3% of 0.07 

Ans: 0.0021

If each of the six members of a family gives money as per their membership number then what will be the total এমাউন্ট? 

Ans: 64

Which one is smallest? 

Ans: 10^-10  (as per option) 


Ans: 1.001

Who was the director of the film, let Their be light?

Ans: Zahir Raihan

Sources It's produce electricity in Bangladesh? 

Ans: Natural Gas,  Mineral oil, Hilly River.

Dry ice is produced from? 

Ans: Carbon dioxide 

Which country gave first recognition to Bangladesh? 


২৪.Which symble must remain in E-mail address


SDG goal এর কত নম্বরে বিদ্যুতের কথা আছে?

উত্তর: ৭

How many accused were in Agartala conspiracy case including Bangabandhu 

Ans: 35

What is LINUX

Ans: Operating System 

Omicron the new variant of Covid-19 is originated from

Ans: South Africa

Which one is output devices

Ans: Monitor 

Who scored the only goal in the final match of 2021 SAFF u-19 women's championship

ANS: Anai Mogini 

Under which sector Dhaka was during our Liberation War in 1971

Ans: 2 

Who appoints chiefjustice of Bangladesh? 

Ans: President 

Who was FR Khan? 

Ans: Architect 

Ping pong means? 

Ans: Table Tennis 

Country participated as Observer in Victory day parade 2021

Ans: USA

The agency of rural electrification is described in which article of constitution 

Ans: 16

Architect of national monument Of Bangladesh is

Ans: Syed Moinul Hossain 

Data are entered into a computer  through 

Ans: Input Device 

How many  freedom fighters received Gallantry awards  for Contribution inour Liberation war in 1971

Ana: 676 freedom fighters 

Who is the Head of the state of Bangladesh 

Ans: President 

What is the per capita income of Bangladesh? 

Ans: 2554 

The Nobel laureate Abdur Razak gurnah is from 

Ans: Tanzania 

In which logic gate output is 1  whenall input are জিরো


DNA is found in 

Ans: Chromosome 

What is the maximum operating transmission voltage in Bangladesh? 

Ans:  440

কোনটি এন্টিবায়োটিক? 

উত্তর: পেনিসিলিন 

Function of distribution  substation is to 

Ans: Step down voltage 

RAPIS শব্দটি সাজালে হয়

উত্তর: শহর

which is not correct? 

Ans: A.A'= 1

Breb has about ------ consumers of the country in its load.

 Ans: 80%

The nature of electricity being produced using sun rays is

Ans: DC

Which one is masculine gender? 

Ans: lad

A seventeen years old is not old enough to vote in an election. 

Which word is remains same in plural form

Ans: Aircraft 

Enough is enough means 

Ans: Stop

Brochure means 

Ans: pamphlet

Change the voice of " who is calling me?"

Ans:By whom am i being called?

Once in a blue moon means

Ans: Rarely 

Which is synonym of Incite 

Ans: Instigate 

What types of kindness 

Ans: Abstract 

Alumni is the plural of 

Ans: Alumnus.

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