At bay- in a tight corner

At Draggers drawn- on the point of fighting

Bear out – carry through /support

Beat the clock- finish the task

Beggars description- beyond description

Behind closed doors- secretly

Between the lines- hidden meaning

Bid fair-show sign of prosperity

Big gun-important person

Big guns- important people

Bill of fare-A list of dishes at restaurant

Birds eye view – overall picture ,rough idea.

Bite the dust- fall to the ground

Black sheep- wicked man

Blue blood- aristocratic  Birth ,aristocracy

Blue chips- industrial shares considered to be safe investment


Bolt from the blue-unexpected danger

Bottom line- the essential point

Break the ice- break the silence

Bring about –to cause

Bring to book- take to task

Bring to light- Make open ,published

Bull market- rising

Burning Question- important issue

By and by- soon

By and large- everywhere

By fits and starts- irregularly

By hook or by crook- by and means.

By leaps and bounds- Very rapidly



Angle of laugh- cheerful smiling

Apple of discord – matter of dispute

Apple of Sodom- good for nothing

At a low ebb- declining

At arms length –short distance

A castle  in the air- A day dream

A dead letter- useless document

A fair crack of the whip- A period of importance

A fish out of water-uncomfortable situation

A green horn-inexperienced person

A mammoth task- A herculean task/A difficult task

A man of Discretion- A personality with rational power

A round dozen – A full Dozen

A sitting duck –an easy target

A square peg in round hole-unsuitable

A utopian scheme- A unreal plan

Achilles heel- fault which is but can cause a persons fall

All and sundry – everyone



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