Basic mechanical engineering mcq pdf 

1. The output of gas turbine is 300 kw and its efficiency is 20%, the heat supplied is 

Ans:1500 kw

2.which of the following are used as a refrigerant. 

Ans: Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide. 

3.for the purpose of comparison, the steam generating capacity of a boiler is generaly expressed in terms of ---

Ans: Equivalent evaporation. of the followed methods is adopted for governing of steam turbines in a powerplant---

Ans: throttle governing. 

1. Bronze is alloy of----

Ans:copper and tin.

2.why manganese added in low carbon steel?

Ans: to make steel ductile and good bending qualities. 

3. What is the parcentage of Carbon in low carbon steel? 


4.An aircraft gas turbine operates on 

Ans: Bryton turbine. 

5. A refigerant used in the domestic refrigerator is---

Ans: Feon

6. In industry of the developed Nations the type of production most often occurring is---

Ans:Batch production. 

7. Draft on pattern is provided for---

Ans: Providing for strinkage of the casting. 

8. Quick return motion is used in---

Ans: shaper.

9.mandrels are used to hold 

Ans: Hollow work pieces. 

10. The pump with a low initial cost and low maintenance cost is---

Ans:Centrifugal pump.

11. The operation of enlarging of a hole is called boring. upcut milling the work piece Against the rotating cutter.

13.sprue is passing provided for the inflow.

14. feed In lathe is expressed in mm per revolution. 

15.upsetting is the term used in one of the following operations 

Ans: forging 

16. Rapping allowance is provided on a pattern to take care of easy withdraw. 

17.Brasses and Bronzes are welded using oxidizing flames. 

18. One of the materials used for making surface plate granite. oxyacetylene, acetylene is Produced using CaC২ and H২O

20.feeler gauges are used for measuring the clearance Between mating parts.

21. The melting point of the filler materials in brazing should be above

Ans: 420 deg C

22.the fiction experienced by  a body when in motion is known  as dynamic friction.

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