What is Condensation? 

Ans: The process of changing water vapour in the air to a Liquid form.

What is Ecosystem? 

Ans: The Interaction of all biological and physical elements in a specific environment. 

What is Evaporation?

Ans: When water is taken up into the air in a gaseous form.

What is evapotranspiration?

Ans: Movement of water from plants or from the soil by both evaporation and transpiration.

What is infiltration? 

Ans: The process of water soaking into the soil.

What is Photosyntheses? 

Ans: The process plants use to make food.

What is Sediment? 

Ans: Tiny Particles of Soil carried and deposited by water.

What is  Transpiration? 

Ans: The way a tree breaths.

What is wetlands?

Ans: The area of land that are wet all or part of every year.

What is Streamside buffer?

Ans: Areas along streams or river where trees and other plants are left  to hold the soil in place. They also act as filters for sediment. 

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