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First in the world general knowledge


Firs in the world 

 Who was the first European to visit China?

Ans: Marco polo.

Who was the first women to climb mount everest 

Ans: junko taibei.

Who was the first Women prime minister of a Country? 

Ans: Mrs srimavo bhandarnaike ( Sri Lanka)

Who was the first women president of a country? 

Ans: maria estela peron

Who was the first women to command a space mission colonel.

Ans: Eileen collins

Which is the first talkie movie in the world? 

Ans: The jazz singer (1927)

 Who were  the first  presidents of the international space station? 

Ans: Bill shepherd (USA),Yuri Gidjanko and sergei krikalev (Russia) 

Who was the first women prime minister of south korea?

Ans: Ms. Chang sang

Who was the first youngest grandmaster  of the world In Chess. 

Ans: sergey karjakin (Ukraine)

Who is the first China's man in space?

Ans: yang liwei.

Who is the first Muslim women to receive Nobel price?

Ans: Shirin Ebadi (Nobel peace prize 2003)

Who is the first women Of the world to climb four time mount everest. 

Ans: Lakpa sherpa ( Nepal)

Which is the first asian city to host Olympics?

Ans: Tokyo (Japan) 

Who was the frist women to win a grand Slam? 

Ans: Maureen Catherine 

Who was the first women to win Olympic gold medal?.

Ans: Carlotte Cooper UK,Tennis single (1900).

What was the name of first Atom Bomb?

Ans: "Little boy" Dropped over Hiroshima by the US during second world war (1945).

What was the first manned space vehicles) 

Ans: Vostok 1,USSR (1961)

Who was the firs man to walk in space? 

Ans: Alexei Arkhovich leonov (1965)