Best quotes about love

Love never dies. Someone new comes and just takes the place.

Do Actors or Actresses  ever marry someone poor.But They Teach us how to love and marry a poor girl or boy.

The only way to resolve marital discord is to think about  child's future.

Racism is a mental illness.

I loved a black girl. She was so beautiful that I will remember her till death.

Why you have to be beautiful. Wait maybe someone is waiting for you.

We know how to build a relationship.  But we do not know how to maintain a lifelong relationship?

Love text

There is still love in people's minds. That is why the world still survives.

The person who loves children, is a real person. 

Why do we dream of a princess?  Because we are not princes. Why do we imagine a stranger girl as a lover?  Because we don't really have a lover. If we have a lot of money, we will help the poor. When do we think of this? When we  ourselves Lack of money. 

I love the girl I see. But I love standing away. I don't go near because I love my wife more than her.

The main cause of mental illness is family, secondly society and thirdly workplace.

Love is born of sexual desire.

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