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Periods of English literature-Very important for BCS Exam

 Periods and name of English literature

1. Anglo-saxon or old English period -450-1066

2. Middle English period (1066-1500)

1066-1340= Anglo-Norman period

1340-1400= The Age of Chaucer 

1400-1485= Barren Age

3. The Renaissance of English literature 

1500-1558= Preparetion for the Renaissance 

1558-1603= The elizabethan period. 

1603-1625= The jacobean Period 

1625-1649= The Caroline period. 

1649-1660= The Commonwealth Period 

4. 1660- 1785 -The neo Classical period. 

5. 1798-1832= The Romantic Period. 

6. 1832-1901= The Victorian Period.

7. 1901-1939= The Victorian period. 

8. 1901-1939= The modern Period.

9. 1939- present= The post modern period

Previous bd jobs exam questions

 about writer and literature. 

Name of shakespear's comedy

Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of shrew, under the green wood tree,A mid summer nights Dream,marry wives of windsor, measure measure, Two Gentleman of venora, comedy of errors the merchant of Venice,All's well that end's well,the tempest,Loves Labour’s Lost.

5.All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand-who said this?

Ans: Lady macbeth

6. Who is John Milton?

English epic poet,polemicist,man of letters.

8.Whic is the Restoration period? 

Ans: 1660-1700

9. The drama of macbeth was written by - William Shakespeare

10. Othello is a Shakespeare's play abou?

Ans: a moor

11. Riders to the see is a one act play

12. Who is the author of man and Superman?

Ans: G.B show.

13. The MOST famous satirist in English is-

Ans: Jonathan swift

14. The poem Isle of Innis free i's written by --

Ans: George Bernard show.

15. The poem of "The Solitary Reaper' is written by ----

Ans: W. Wordsworth

16. Who was written the play Volpne?


18. Heart of Darkness is a Novel Written by-


20. King Lear is a

Ans: Tragedy 

21. The play candida is by--

Ans: G.B Show

22. Gitanjali of Rabindranath Tagore was translated by ---

Ans: W.B Yeats.

24. Which of the following writer’s belongs to the romantic period in English 

Ans: S.T Coleridge. 

Gerontion is a poem by---

Ans: T.S Eliot.

28. Th play 'The spanish Tragedy 'is written by --

Ans: Thomas Kyd.

29.The dun also Rises is a novel written by --

Ans: Ernest Hemingway. 

30.who is the author of origin of species --

Ans: C. Darwin.

 Famous Quotations 

1. A little learning is dangerous things-Alexander pope.

3. Fools rush in where Angles fear to tread- Alexander pope.

4. Beauty is truth,truth is beauty- keats

5. To be or not to be, that is the question -Shakspear in Hamlet