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Definition and Expression for bcs and bpsc exam Preparetion


Definition and Expression


Alien-A stranger from Aboard

Amiable-Friendly nature

Archaeology-A study of the ancient Civilization

Autocracy- Government by one man.

Bill of fare- A list of dishes at a restaurant

Blockbuster-  A powerful explosive to demolish building.

Blue chips industrial share considered to be safe investment.

Boot leg-smuggle

Chauvinism-excessive patriotism

Domicile- living permanently

Electorate- A body of voters

Epicura/Epicuran -Believe

Epitaph-an inscription on a tomb

Equivocation-two contrary things in the same statement

Euphemism- description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name.

Fortnight-fourteen days

Garrulous-talk much

Gerontology-scientific study of old age and its problems.

Glossary- list of special or technical words with definition.

Gratis- without making any payment ,free

Homogeneous-of the same kind

Hypermetropia -a stage of long sightedness


Imbibe- To Drink

Infanticide- Murder of child

Matricide-Murder of Mother

Itygience-Science of health and preservation

Linguistic- study of language

Martyr- who sacrifice FOR HIS COUNTRY

Misogynist- hater of women.

Mutiny- revolt against a lawful authority

Myopia- a stage of short sightedness

Novice- inexperienced one.

Oculist- specialist in eye diseases

Oligarchy- government by a few.

Optical illusion- something that may be viewed with the eye and misinterpreted.

Parcel- a piece of land.

Patricide-murder of parent.

Pedagogy- study of teaching.

Plurality- the holding of more than one office at a time.

Plutocracy- government by the rich,


Razzmataz-A noisy activity.

Ruminant -Cud-chewing animal.

Scripture- A holly book.


Sequences- To follow.

Sojourn- temporarily stay

Stagflation- economic slow down.

Stanch- smooth out.

Stocking- long socks.

Syntax- sentence building

Three score- three times twenty.

Toxicology- the study of poisons.

Traitor- who does not love his country, one who betrays his country


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