Illiyin and Sijjin

The Illiyin and the Sijjin are inside the Barzakh. See 

figure 1.3. These are holographic worlds of the dead

creatures. The worlds are created with divine Servers

and related systems. 

A dead human is recreated virtually with his 

soul, genome code, and memories (which are 

collected and stored by the angels). The virtual human 

is then projected into a holographic world (Illiyin or 

Sijjin) where other dead humans are already living

their virtual lives. They will remain in the Illiyin or 

Sijjin until the Day of Resurrection.

The Illiyin is for the people destined to the 

Jannaat. It is in the high Barzakh closely below the 

Araf. The Sijjin is in the deep Barzakh. It is for the 

people destined to the hell.

[The Illiyin and the Sijjin are deliberately 

discussed in Chapter-83]

1c-vii. Arsh

The Arsh is over the Super Space. See figure 1.3. It is 

connected to the universes by Sidratul-Muntaha and 


The Arsh is the Headquarters of Allah. The 

Pen, Disc, and related systems are in the Arsh. There 

are many angels as well. They are commonly called

Angels of Arsh. 

Allah has an exclusive domain in the Arsh

called Kursi (Thorne). 

Abu Dharr Al Ghifari narrates that the 

Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘By Him in whose 

hand is my soul, in comparison to the 

Kursi, the seven skies and lands (this

universe) is nothing but like a ring 

thrown in a desert, and certainly the 

hugeness of the Arsh over the Kursi is 

like the desert over that ring.’ 

[Tafsir Ibn Katheer]and 

[Arsh, Kursi, Pen and Disc are deliberately 

discussed with references in Section-9 of Chapter-6]

2. The God in Form

Allah has a shape. We know from the Quran that 

Allah has eyes, ears, face, hands, legs, etc. Holy Bible 

talks about His shape:

“And Elohim created the man in His 

own image; in the image of Elohim He 

created him. He created them male and 

female.” [Genesis 1:27, Holy Bible]

So, 'Allah in form' looks like a human. Similar 

description is there in the Hadith as well:

"Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, 

created Adam in His own image with 

his length of sixty cubits...” 

[Muslim 6809]

'Allah in form' stays in a domain of the Arsh. 

The domain is bigger than this universe. He moves 

beyond by extending His Kursi (Thorne). 

“…Extends His Kursi into the 'Skies 

and Lands' (Samawaat-wal-Ard / this 

universe), and He feels no fatigue in 

guarding both of them (Samawaat and Jannaat); for He is the Most High, the 

Supreme.” [Al Quran 2:255]

His omnipresence is discussed in the next

where it will be amply clear why there is none like 

unto Him:

"Say: He is God, the One and Only; 

God, the Eternal, Absolute; 

He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; 

And there is none like unto Him." 

[Al Quran 112:1-4]

3. The God existing Everywhere

Allah has a form, and, at the same time, He is present 


“See you not that God does know that 

is in the Skies and on Lands? There is 

not a secret consultation between three

but He makes the fourth among them, 

nor between five but He makes the 

sixth, nor between fewer nor more but 

He is with them where-so-ever they 

be. In the end will He tell them the 

truth of their conduct, on the Day of 

Judgment; for God has full knowledge 

of all things.” [Al Quran 58:7] Allah knows what we are thinking. He is 

closer to us than our jugular veins:

“It was We Who created man and We 

know what dark suggestions his soul 

makes to him, for We are nearer to 

him than (his) jugular vein. 

[Al Quran 50:16]

In light of the above Verses, Allah exists 

everywhere. If Allah exists everywhere, He should be

formless. But, He is not formless. We need to know 

the 'soul' to understand how Allah, having a form, can 

exist everywhere. 

4. Basic Idea about the Soul

We view a soul as a spiritual stuff and remain 

hopeless to understand it. Actually, we know some of 

the souls and use those in many our instruments. But,

we do not identify those as souls. 

The following discussion will identify the soul 

and will develop an idea as to how a soul works:

a. Soul in General

b. Types of Souls

c. Light and Subatomic Particles

d. Atom and Universe

e. Nafsin-Wahidatin (A Nafs Single)

f. The Nafsin-Wahidatin and the GUT Force

g. Unknown Force Fields 

 of4a. Soul in General

We feel that a soul determines one’s shape and nature

and sustains one’s body as a living entity. A soul does

these in case of a living creature. But, if one tries to 

understand the soul of a living creature directly, one 

may fail. The basic idea about the soul is given here. 

At first we will talk about the soul of matter. 

According to the Hadith, matter too has soul.

Several kinds of force fields sustain the 

natural systems of the inert world. These force fields 

work like souls. One of such force fields is magnetic 

field. We may discuss the magnetic field to assess the 

idea that a force field and a soul may be the same 


FIGURE 1.5: Magnetic Field

A soul (ruhh) is expressed in the Quran as a 

Command of God: 

“They ask thee concerning the ruhh 

(soul). Say: “The ruhh is CommandThey my Lord.” Of knowledge, it is only a 

little that is communicated to you.”

[Al Quran 17: 85]

I have discussed two cases in the following 

where the magnetic field works like commands:

4a-I. Case 1

The Earth has a huge magnetic field that resists the 

Solar Wind from entering the Earth. It seems that the 

magnetic field is commanding the Solar Wind: “Do 

not enter”. 

FIGURE 1.6: Earth’s Magnetic Field

The land-living creatures could not survive 

without this magnificent magnetic field. What is its 

origin? Why the Earth should have such a huge 

magnetic field? 

The scientists say that the rotating, convecting,

and electrically conducting fluid (like melted iron 

core of the Earth) can develop magnetic field. And, in 

case of a gaseous object (like the Sun), they say that 

the ionized gas too can develop magnetic field. They are to say something—as they are scientists. Actually, 

these are force fields invested by God as commands. 

4a-II. Case 2

The magnetism is caused by electromagnetic force,

which is one of the fundamental forces of the nature. 

A moving electric charge generates a magnetic 

field as depicted in figure 1.7 below. It seems that the 

magnetic field is sustaining and directing the 

electrons as a commanding force.

FIGURE 1.7: Magnetic Field sustaining and directing

the Electrons

“The Field is sole governing agency of the 

particle” – Albert Einstein. 

In other words, the Field is sole commander of 

the particle. A force field works as a command in the 

nature. It is designed by God. He has invested the 

force fields as His commands:

“They ask thee concerning the ruhh 

(soul). Say: “The ruhh is Command of 

my Lord.” Of knowledge, it is only a 

little that is communicated to you.”

[Al Quran 17: 85]

4a-III. Soul in the Hadith

The Hadith expresses a soul as an attractive or

repulsive force:

“Prophet said: “The souls are like 

conscripted soldiers; those whom they 

recognize, they get along with; and 

those whom they do not recognize, they 

will not get along with.”” 

[Bukhari, Muslim]

The characteristics are seen in the force fields of an 


The protons are repulsive to each other. A

Strong Nuclear Force Field holds the protons in the 

nucleus of an atom. Thus, in the language of the 

Hadith, the Strong Nuclear Force Field recognizes the 

protons and holds those in the nucleus. It does not 

recognize the electrons, so it does not pull those 

inside. Similarly, the Magnetic Field recognizes the 

electron, so it keeps the electrons in the orbits of the

atom. It does not recognize the proton, so it does not 

disturb those. 

Therefore, a force field possesses the 

characteristics of a soul. It seems that the thing that 

the scientists call "force field" is called "soul" (ruhh) 

in the books of religion.

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Zakaria Kamal 

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