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Scientific Tafsir of Surah Al Fatihah part-2

 Sufi-idea about the Alamin (Universes)

The Sufis (Muslim Saints) too sometimes talk about 

the alamin to articulate the spectrum of spiritual rise

in general. It is given below in short:

i. Hahoot: It is the world (alam) where only 

Allah exists.

ii. Yahoot: It is the world where the existence 

of Noor-Muhammadi is considered. 

iii. Rahoot: It is the world where the ruhh


iv. Jabrut: It connects. The level includes the 


v. Malakut: The creation we see around us is 


vi. Nasoot: A human body is considered as an 

alam (world) and is called Nasoot. 

There are two more alamin: Alam-e-Arwah

and Alam-e-Barzakh.

Our souls (nafses) come from Alam-e-Arwah 

and go to Alam-e-Barzakh after death.

“Allah SWT has told us in the Quran that 

prior to being born in this world, all human beings 

were formerly born in a different world. The state of 

human beings at the time of that initial birth is 

referred to as Aalam-e-Arwah. The actual definition 

of Aalam-e-Arwah is the time spent by humans in 

another world before coming down to this earth.

When we come down to this earth, we are 

born with a body and our nafs which is called soul. 

When we die and leave this world, our physical body 

stays here in the soil and our soul is taken out. This is 

also a kind of Aalam-e-Arwah but Quran generally 

uses a different term for that stay of soul and calls it 

“Barzakh” meaning it is a time when there is no 

“body” but just the “soul”.” 

– Abu Yahya, Inzaar.org

Most likely, Alam-e-Arwah is a Virtual 

Universe that the God created to plan the creation. It 

is the Master Design of God. 

We were created in the Master Design (Virtual 

Universe) from our genome codes and souls (nafses) 

and lived a virtual life in a Holographic Earth. 

Our fates are extracted from our virtual lives. 

One’s real life on the Earth is a repetition of the 

virtual life except in the aspect of Faith that the GoThese

adjusts proactively [the Master Design and the Fate

are deliberately discussed in Section-9 of Chapter-6].

There are two worlds in the Barzakh: Illiyin 

and Sijjin. These two are holographic worlds for the 

dead to live till the Day of Resurrection [the worlds 

are deliberately discussed in Chapter-83].

Our science has not developed in the direction

of spiritual-awareness. So, the information derived 

from the sufi-thoughts cannot be used in our scientific 

discussion. We may end the discussion of sufi-worlds 


1c. The Universes (Alamin) in the Quran

The universes (alamin) that are mentioned in the 

Quran are discussed below under the following 


i. Samawaat

ii. Jannaat

iii. Different Universes

iv. Super Space and Barzakh

v. Araf, Channels and Sidratul-Muntaha

vi. Illiyin and Sijjin

vii. Arsh

1c-i. Samawaat

This universe, where we are living now, is called 

"Samawaat" in the Quran. Samawaat means Skies.

The study of the Quran reveals that the space 

of the universe is shaped into seven spherical waves, 

one inside another—like the peels of onion. Thesthe 

waves of space are skies. Each sky contains 

innumerable galaxies. We are in the First (Innermost) 

Sky. The space though waved is continuous.

One does not have to believe the existence of 

skies blindly. Several recent observations indicate that

the skies should exist—though the theories have not 

been developed to harness the idea in the books of 


[The skies are deliberately discussed in 

Section-7 of Chapter-2]

The skies are expanding. Therefore, the 

universe as a whole is expanding:

“And the Sky, We constructed it with 

the hand, and Me for expanders” 

[Al Quran 51:47]

The expansion of the universe was discovered 

in 1920’s when an American scientist, Edwin Hubble, 

demonstrated that the distant galaxies at all directions 

and depths were receding.

The expansion shows that this universe 

originated from a state of unity, popularly known as 

the Big Bang / Big Bounce:

““Do not the Unbelievers see that the 

Skies and the Lands were sewed, and 

We clove them asunder

(fafataqnahuma)? ” [Al Quran 21:30]

The above Verse says that there were lands 

(dusts and asteroids) in the initial universe. So, the Verse suggests that this universe started from a Big 


Therefore, the universe is cyclic. The Quran 

talks about three cycles:

FIGURE 1.2: Cyclic Universe (Samawaat)

1st Cycle: The universe started from the Big Bang-1. 

It produced hydrogen and helium (smoke)

mainly. The space was uniform (single-sky-

universe), and the smoke spread evenly

throughout the space. 

Allah established Himself into the 

universe / smoke: “Moreover, He established 

Himself into the sky while it had been smoke...” 

[Al Quran 41:11].

He established Himself by infusing 

gravitational force into the universe—the process 

is mentioned in the above Verse as istawa

(istawa is discussed subsequently in this 


The gravitational force started

contracting the universe. The contracting 

universe was producing the heavier elements, abe least up to silicon. And, the heavier elements 

were producing dusts and asteroids (lands).

2nd Cycle: Ultimately, the contracting universe had a 

Big Bounce, and the universe restarted as a 

seven-sky-universe (Present Cycle), which is said 

in the Verse: “Do not the Unbelievers see that 

the Skies and the Lands were sewed, and We 

clove them asunder” [Al Quran 21:30]

In the expanding seven-sky-universe, the 

galaxies could rapidly form. The long lasting 

stars and the planets formed in the galaxies 

directly from the elements up to silicon (heavier 

elements formed later in the stars). 

3rd Cycle: This universe will collapse again into a

Big Crunch and will restart (Big Bang-2) after 

the Judgment and Salvation: “On the day when

We will roll up the Skies (present universe) like 

the rolling up of the scroll for writings (Big 

Crunch); as We originated the first creation (Big 

Bang-1), We shall reproduce it (Big Bang-2)—a 

promise on Us; surely We will bring it about.” 

[Al Quran 81:104].

In the third cycle, the sinners will be 

scattered in the galaxies. The galaxies are objects 

of hell.

[The cycles are deliberately discussed later under 

appropriate Verses]

A Creator is not essential for a cyclic universe. 

The cycles of expansion and contraction may be going on forever. So, a cyclic universe may be 

eternal. But, the Quran indicates that the universe is 

cyclic. However, it clearly mentions that Allah

created the universe at the beginning of the previous


The distribution of matter waved the space of 

this universe (present cycle). These spherical waves 

of space are skies, one inside another—like the peels 

of onion. There are seven skies. Each sky contains a 

huge amount of matter / many galaxies: “…He said

to it (smoke) and to the lands (dust and asteroids),

“Come ye together willingly or unwillingly.” They 

said, “We do come in willing obedience”. So, He 

completed them as Seven Skies in two Days...” [Al 

Quran 41:11-12]

Thus, in the Quran, the universe is called 

"Skies and Lands" (Samawaat-wal-Ard) or "Skies" 

(Samawaat) in short.

1c-ii. Jannaat

The Jannaat is a separate universe altogether. The hint

of its location is given in the following Verses:

“Be quick in the race for forgiveness 

from your Lord and for a Jannaat 

whose width is that of the ‘Skies and 

Lands’ (this universe), prepared for the 

righteous…” [Al Quran 3:133]

“Race to forgiveness from your Lord 

and the Jannaat, the width of which is 

as the width of the ‘Sky and Land’ 

(this universe)” [Al Quran 57:2]

According to the above Verses, the width of the

Jannaat is equal to the width of this Universe 

(Samawaat). If two entities are equal in width, one 

cannot remain inside another. So, the Jannaat and the 

Samawaat are two separate universes.

Holy Bible gives similar indication:

"Because only a few will be saved, 

God created two universes, instead of 

only one" 

– 2 ESDRAS 7:50, Holy Bible (GNB)

Some say that the Time began at the Big 

Bang, and that there is nothing beyond the Big Bang,

and so on, because they do not know. Allah is ever

living, and He has other creations at the outside of 

this universe.

1c-iii. Separate Universes

The following factors confirm that the Jannaat and the 

Samawaat are two separate universes:

Factor 1: Separate by Origin

From the Big Bang (ultimately from the Big Bounce), 

this Universe (Samawaat) has been created—not the 

Jannaat. “Do not the unbelievers see that the 

Skies and the Lands (this universe) 

were joined together before We clove 

them asunder” [Al Quran 21:30]

So, the Samawaat and the Jannaat are separate 

creations by origin.

Factor 2: Different Destiny

This universe (Samawaat) will collapse according to 

the following Verses and its objects will perish:

“On the day when We will roll up the 

Skies (Samawaat / this universe) like 

the rolling up of the scroll for 

writings…” [Al Quran 81:104] 

“All that on it will perish. But will 

abide the Face of thy Lord, full of 

Majesty and Honor.”

[Al Quran 55: 26–27]

But, the Jannaat is everlasting according to the 

Quran and Hadith. 

So, the Jannaat cannot exist inside a universe 

(Samawaat) that will collapse (by rolling), and it 

cannot be a one-inside-another anti-universe as well. 

The Jannaat is a separate universe altogether existing

beyond the Barzakh (Barriehome Factor 3: Different Nature

We live in a protected planet. So, we do not 

understand how violent the Universe (Samawaat) is! 

The fluctuating high-pitch sounds we hear while 

tuning a radio-set originate in gigantic explosions 

occurring in distant galaxies and quasars. The entire 

space is showered with harmful radiations. Nothing 

can remain unchanged. It is a dangerous place indeed.

It cannot be a home of peace and eternal salvation. 

The Universe (Samawaat) is timed. Here 

aging and ultimate death / decay are inevitable. But, 

according to the Quran and Hadith, the Jannaat is

evergreen by nature. So, these have to be separate


Factor 4: Homes of Jinns and Humans

This Universe (Samawaat) contains roughly six times 

more dark matter than matter. Bulk of the universe is

not sensible to us, and only a tiny Earth is useful. It is 

not our universe; it belongs to the anti-creatures, like

the jinns, created from anti-matter. 

The jinns are intelligent anti-creatures. They 

are living in this universe from their inception. They 

are created suitable for this universe. They are 

sometimes called Sons of the Skies (Samawaat / this 

Universe). This universe (Samawaat) is their home 


Primarily, Allah settled Adam and Eve in the 

Jannaat. So, it is obvious that He created them 

suitable for the Jannaat. The Jannaat is our home universe. There are billions of peaceful planets, full of 

water. The good ones will be taken back to the 

Jannaat after the Judgment. The bad ones will be 

enhanced and evolved to live in this universe 


Before the creation of this universe 

(Samawaat), Allah created a huge quantity of water to 

produce the planets of the Jannaat mainly.

[The Jannaat is deliberately discussed in 

Section 23 of Chapter 3]

1c-iv. Super Space and Barzakh

All creations, except the Arsh, are located in a super 


FIGURE 1.3: Likely disposition of the Universes

The super space is divided by a super barrier 

(Barzakh) into two parts: the Eastern Super Space and 

the Western Super Space. “Lord of the Two Easts and the Two 

Wests. Then which of the favors of 

your Lord will ye deny?” 

[Al Quran 55:17-18]

In above Verse, Two Easts are Samawaat (this 

universe) and Eastern Araf; Two Wests are Jannaat 

and Western Araf. 

Most likely, the Barzakh is a space with 

different nature where matter cannot survive.

However, the light can pass through the Barzakh, as 

Prophet (pbuh) in the Night Journey saw some planets 

of the Jannaat from an object of the Seventh Sky. 

Due to the Barzakh, one cannot go from one 

universe to the other except through special channels:

“O ye assembly of jinns and men, if it 

be ye can pass beyond the boundary of 

the 'Skies and Lands' (this universe), 

pass ye! Not without authority shall ye 

be able to pass!” [Al Quran 55:33]

1c-v. Araf, Channels and Sidratul-Muntaha

There is a huge land, called Araf, at the top of the 

Barzakh. “Araf” means “Elevated Land”. The Araf

too is divided by a Veil into two parts: the Eastern 

Araf and the Western Araf.

The Araf may be considered as the third 

universe. It is the preliminary sanctuary of the 

universal angels. The Eastern Araf is extended into the Eastern 

Super Space, and the Western Araf is extended into 

the Western Super Space. See figure 1.4.

[The Araf is deliberately discussed in 

Section-9 of Chapter-6] 

FIGURE 1.4: Barzakh and Channel

The Eastern Araf connects the Samawaat (this 

Universe) by a pair of channels, and the Western Araf

connects the Jannaat by another pair of channels. 

In the Night Journey (Miraz), Prophet 

Muhammad (pbuh) saw two of these channels from

an object of the Seventh Sky. The accompanying 

angel called the channels as the “Channel of Light” 

and the “Channel of Darkness”. Prophet Muhammad 

(pbuh) moved into the Eastern Araf trough one of 

these channels.

[The channels are deliberately discussed in 

Section-9 of Chapter-6] The Sidratul-Muntaha is hanging from the 

Arsh over the Araf. It looks like an up-side-down 

plant with two main branches. One branch connects 

the Eastern Araf, and another branch connects the 

Western Araf. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) moved 

into the Arsh and later into the Jannaat through the 


Thus, the Sidratul-Muntaha works as the 

communication hub of the universes. It controls the 

transfer of creatures, matter and information. 

The Sidratul-Muntaha does another important 

job. It programs the angels according to the 

instructions coming down from the Arsh. It infuses 

information into the angels (an angel cannot learn at 

its own) and redesigns them to perform their tasks.

The Sidratul-Muntaha is based on divine Servers and 

has related Systems.

[The Sidratul-Muntaha is discussed with 

references in Section-9 of Chapter-6]


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Written by 

Zakaria Kamal 

Collected From his Books "scientific tafsir)

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