Scientific Tafsir of Surah Al Fatihah part-1




[1] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[2] Praise be to the God, the Sustainer and Evolver

(Rabb) of the universes (alamin).

[3] Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

[4] Master of the Day of Law (Deen).

[5] Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

[6] Guide us to the Straight Path,

[7] The Path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed

Thy Grace, those whose is not wrath, and who go not astray.


Scientific  Tafsir of the Al Fatihah


The Surah (Chapter) stands at the outside of the Quran, as the

following Verse says:

“And We have bestowed upon thee the Seven

Oft-repeated (this Surah) and the Grand

Quran.” [Al Quran 15:87]

So, the Surah and the Grand Quran are two different

articles, revealed by the same God. The Surah is the Preface

of the Quran.

The Surah acquaints the readers with the God of the

Quran. It motivates them to worship the God only and rely on

Him only. It stirs up the unity of Muslims by using we/us in

the prayer: “Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek”.

The Surah highlights the Book as for the people who

urge for the guidance: “Guide us to the Straight Path…” It is

the Path that the old Prophets admired:

“A voice of one calling in the desert: ‘Prepare

the way for the Lord; make Straight Path for

him...’” [Gospel of Mark 1:3-4, Holy Bible]

The Surah altogether is a teaching, a motivation and a

prayer. It sets its reader into the desired state of mind to go

through the Book.



Section 1 [Verse 2-4]: The God of the Quran

Section 2 [Verse 5-7]: Submission and Prayer

Section-1 of Chapter-1 [Verse 2-4]: The God of the Quran

Praise be to the God, the 'Sustainer and Evolver' of the



The above Verse acquaints one with the God of the

Quran. According to the Verse, the God of the Quran

is the 'Sustainer and Evolver' (Rabb) of the universes


Therefore, if we can understand how a

sustainer and evolver of the universes should be, we

will have a better idea about the God? It is discussed

under the following headings:

1. The Universes (Alamin)

2. The God in Form

3. The God existing Everywhere

4. Basic Knowledge about the Soul

5. How the God sustains and evolves the

universes by extending several of His

elementary souls into the Space

6. Several likely extended elementary souls

of the God

7. How the God became God

8. Conclusion


The discussion will acquaint a reader with the

real God of the universes, scientifically.


"Rabb" is translated by Pickthall as "Lord",

and by Abdullah Yusuf Ali as "Cherisher and

Sustainer". The literal meaning of the word is

"sustainer, cherisher, master and nourisher". In

context of the inert universes, it is translated

here as "Sustainer and Evolver". Otherwise,

one of the 99 names of Allah is Sustainer (Al

Mukeet) and another of His names is Evolver

(Al Baari) in the Quran.

1. The Universes (Alamin)

If we want to understand the God as the Sustainer and

Evolver of the universes (alamin), we are to know the

universes at first. People have different ideas about

the universes. Two of such ideas are discussed below

in short:

1a. The Idea of Multiverse

“The multiverse is a group of multiple universes.

Together, these universes comprise everything that

exists…” – WIKIPEDIA, The Free Encyclopedia.

The different universes within a multiverse are

called “parallel universes”, “other universes”, or

“alternate universes”.

The Quran does not support the Idea of

Multiverse as it is proposed by the scientists. The

universe, in which we are living, is fine-tuned—the

natural laws are perfect, and the objects are

proportionally distributed throughout the space. There

is no 'disparity' (tafawutin) in the creation of Most


"He Who created the Seven Skies one

above another; Not you see in the

creation of Most Gracious any

disparity (tafawutin).

So, return the vision: can you

see any "act of Originator" (futurin)?"

[Al Quran 67:03]

In the Quran, Allah is called Originator

(Fatir). He set the laws and configuration of the

initial universe. So, the universe has evolved to the

state of today—there is no 'disparity' (tafawutin) in it.

We can see His acts (futurin) by returning our vision

to the initial universe.

The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe

(WMAP), a NASA satellite launched in 2001, has

mapped the irregularities in the Cosmic Microwave

Background Radiation (CMBR). The map shows the

physical condition of the initial universe.



We may interpret the map from our point of


• The concentrations show that the early

universe had heavier elements at least up to

silicon. Thus, the skies and lands were joined


• The universe started from a Big Bounce.

• The wavy distribution of matter and energies

show that the universe had affinity to form

the skies (skies are super-giant waves of

space, one inside another—like the peels of

onion. There are seven skies).

It is obvious that the universe was fine-tuned

to inhabit life in it. Now, the expanse of the universe

and its energy level are perfect. A perfect Sun and a

Moon support the life on Earth. The elements and

compounds forming the Earth follow thousands of

perfect laws. And, there is a huge quantity of water

with unique characteristics

Do not the Unbelievers see that the

Skies and the Lands were sewed, and

We clove them asunder


We made from water every

living thing. Will they not then


[Al Quran 21:30]

“Philosophical debates in which “fine-

tuning” appears are often about the universe’s fine-

tuning for life: according to many physicists, the fact

that the universe is able to support life depends

delicately on various of its fundamental

characteristics, notably on the form of the laws of

nature, on the values of some constants of nature, and

on aspects of the universe’s conditions in its very

early stages. Various reactions to the universe’s fine-

tuning for life have been proposed: that it is a lucky

coincidence which we have to accept as a primitive

given; that it will be avoided by future best theories of

fundamental physics; that the universe was created by

some divine designer who established life-friendly

conditions; and that fine-tuning for life indicates the

existence of multiple other universes with conditions

very different from those in our own universe…”

– Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Then return the vision twice (second

time)—overturned to you the vision,

lost, and it is tired.” [Al Quran 67:4]


The creation of the fine-tuned universe proves

the existence of God. And the Quran is His message,

choreographed for the testing ground of Earth.

But, an Atheist cannot see the act of

Originator (futurin). He reacts to the aspect of fine-

tuning by the Idea of Multiverse. He argues that there

could be many Big Bangs / many universes, and, as a

matter of chance, one has become suitable for life:

“If there were a large (possibly infinite)

number of universes, each with possibly different

physical laws, then some of these universes (even if

very few) would have the combination of laws and

fundamental parameters that are suitable for the

development of matter, astronomical structures,

elemental diversity, stars, and planets that can exist

long enough for life to emerge and evolve.”

– Wikipedia / from Anthropic Principle

The space possessing Vacuum Energy

(underlying background energy) might be exploding

with the Big Bangs, but it could never produce a

universe fine-tuned for a complex creature like us.

The probability is zero in reality.

Moreover, the universes would collide with

each other due to their gravitational forces to produce

the explosions and explosions only—if there were no

barrier space separating them.

By “alamin”, the Quran does not mean such

aimlessly popping out universes.

However, in subsequent discussions, one will

find that Allah has created several universes. There is

a parallel universe (anti-universe) within our universe,

and there are other universes at the outside of our


The parallel universe that is within our

universe is created from the dark matter (anti-matter

is a kind of dark matter). The anti-creatures, such as

the jinns, are living in the parallel universe. The jinns

are intelligent and top anti-creatures.

So, our universe is a two-in-one universe.

Allah has made some arrangements to save the matter

and the anti-matter from random collision and

frequent annihilation.

In addition, there are other universes, such as

the Jannaat, at the outside of our universe. The other

universes are separated by a huge barrier called



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